How much will my lenses cost?

The cost of your lenses depends on which type fits your lifestyle. Whether you want to wear your lenses every day or just for sports, we have the lens for you. Most people chose either Daily Disposable (especially for part time wear including sports and going out) or Monthly Disposable if you want to wear lenses most days.

As independent practitioners, we can source our lenses from all manufacturers and our prices are comparable with the supermarkets and internet suppliers. You choose whether you want to buy lenses only or with full professional cover.

Most patients choose full professional cover because it spreads the cost, includes your eye examination and contact lens check-ups, retinal screening. You also get great discounts on spectacles and sunglasses.

Daily Disposables cost from around £1.19 per day including all professional fees, monthly disposables from 70p per day including all professional fees, solutions and regular lens supply.

Please contact us with your details and we will send you a price list - alternatively if you already wear lenses, we can quote you for internet supply or supply with full professional cover.